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Functional programming is finally going mainstream

Object-oriented and imperative programming aren’t going away, but functional programming is finding its way into more codebases.

Steve Martinelli & Genevieve L'Esperance // Shopify

Continuously deploying custom storefronts

Using GitHub Actions to deploy a custom storefront with Shopify.

Cassidy Williams // Remote

Functional Programming 101

A deep dive on the benefits of functional programming and why it’s actually easier than you think.

Jonathan Leitschuh // his security research work

The thrill of open source security

Jonathan finds broken things and fixes them to make the world a more secure place.

Aaron Francis // Tuple

Publishing your work increases your luck

For every snarky comment, there are 10x as many people admiring your work.

The ReadME Project amplifies the voices of the developer community by telling stories about:

Lisa Tagliaferri, PhD // Chainguard

Implementing software security in open source

How to automate security and build confidence in your code.

Mahmoud Hashemi // Stripe

Intentional creation

Tap into creativity with the 4 Cs: Consume, critique, curate, create.

Frances Coronel

Great leaders create more leaders

Frances on building community, gaining social capital, and embracing your identity.

Featured Article

Decisions, decisions: Principles for making important choices in open source

Decisions are the essence of open source maintainership.


Giving 110% in the right place at the right time

Astro founder Fred on luck, motivation, and breaking into OSS.

The ReadMe Podcast

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Hosts in the hot seat

Neha and Brian turn the interview tables on each other.


freeCodeCamp: For curious people, by curious people

Founder Quincy on his journey from journalist to OSS pioneer.

Featured Articles

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Chaos engineering helps DevOps cope with complexity

How open source is spreading chaos thinking.

Developer Stories

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Mahmoud Hashemi

Driven by conversation and connection

Mahmoud on projects for the public good, sticky challenges, and the purity of open source.

Karthik Iyer

The art of learning a little about a lot

Karthik goes with the flow, follows his passions, and gives back to the community.

Peggy Rayzis

Championing the nontraditional path

Peggy creates more value than she captures, amplifies underrepresented contributors, and champions as many people as possible.

Rose Judge

Challenging the expectations of open source

Rose on the art of observation, projecting confidence, and seizing opportunities to learn.


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Kathy Korevec // Vercel

Interview the interviewer

It’s not presumptuous to turn the tables on an interviewer.

Segun Adebayo

Creating a popular OSS library is a marathon, not a sprint

How to stay sane and keep your project on the right path.

Dana Lawson // Netlify

Hiring technical talent: An exercise in clarity, patience, and preparation

The two-way experience is as much about technical skills as it is about team fit.

Lorin Hochstein // Netflix

Making operational work more visible

How to shoulder-surf remotely and learn from the experiences of others.

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Coding is usually seen as a solitary activity, but it’s actually the world’s largest community effort led by open source maintainers, contributors, and teams. These unsung heroes put in long hours to build software, fix issues, field questions, and manage communities.

The ReadME Project is part of GitHub’s ongoing effort to amplify the voices of the developer community. It’s an evolving space to engage with the community and explore the stories, challenges, technology, and culture that surround the world of open source.

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