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cosmic-flood commented Aug 5, 2022

Describe the bug

'/' doesn't work after create some new group

To Reproduce

  1. 添加 "NODE_ENV=development" 至 env.local
  2. 在本地运行环境
  3. 添加一个新的Group,/ 为 Code块
  4. 添加一个新的Group,/ 为看板,在看板中添加几个todo
  5. 添加新组,/ 没有任何像第3、4步的选择出来了

可第二张截图,即使我打了 / 但并没有出选择group类型的那个面板

我是windows 11, edge浏览器,跑在localhost:4200



bug Something isn't working good first issue Good for newcomers

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Rust is a systems programming language created by Mozilla.
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All Things Open 2022

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Codetree is a lightweight project management app with terrific support for multi-repo projects. There's nothing to install and it works in every browser.

Agile teams use Codetree to plan sprints and epics, and understand their in-flight work. Two-way sync with GitHub Issues means your team can work in either tool and everything stays up to date.

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davorpa commented Mar 17, 2022

Vietnamese translation is incomplete and not fil at all with the original in english since #5826 was introduced.

Take english file as reference and complete and rewording

So task is translate again. Anybody?

good first issue A good starting point for newbies / beginners help wanted Needs help solving a blocked / stucked item 🗣 translations Issues or PRs addresing translations 🗣 locale:vi Resources addressing "Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt" language

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jonas-schievink commented Aug 5, 2022

Keyword hovers aren't terribly helpful once you understand the language enough, but they occasionally create a large popup that gets in the way, so it would be great to be able to turn them off. We have settings for controlling other hover content (like item documentation), but not for keywords.

good first issue S-actionable Someone could pick this issue up and work on it right now C-feature feature request A-ide general IDE features

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Windows developers use AppVeyor to continuously run their tests and deploy apps to cloud or on-premise environments. AppVeyor CI can update the build status on your GitHub pull requests, upload build artifacts to project release and deploy successful builds. AppVeyor is not just a build tool, but it's the place of Windows CI knowledge accumulation - thanks to AppVeyor's vibrant community!